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10 Interior Color Combinations to Consider in 2024

As we sail into 2024, interior design trends are embracing bold statements, comforting hues, and innovative pairings that breathe life into any space. Whether you're a fan of serene sanctuaries or dynamic spaces, MGM Color Solutions has gathered 10 interior color combinations that are making waves this year.

10 Interior Color Combinations to Consider

Let's dive into the palette that will transform your home into a trendsetting haven.

1. Sage Green and Soft White

  • Why It Works: This earthy, calming green paired with soft white creates a refreshing and serene atmosphere, perfect for living rooms and bedrooms seeking a touch of nature.

  • Usage Ideas: Use sage green as the primary color for walls and complement it with soft white trim and textiles for a cohesive look.

sage green master bedroom
Sage Green and Soft White

2. Navy Blue and Burnt Orange

  • Why It Works: The deep, sophisticated navy provides a stunning backdrop for the vibrant, warm burnt orange, offering a bold yet balanced look for creative spaces.

  • Usage Ideas: Opt for navy blue walls with burnt orange accents in furniture, cushions, or artwork.

Navy Blue and Burnt Orange
Navy Blue and Burnt Orange

3. Terracotta and Teal

  • Why It Works: These colors combine warmth and coolness, evoking a sense of adventure and coziness. Terracotta walls with teal accents create a lively yet grounded environment.

  • Usage Ideas: Ideal for dining areas or home offices, this pairing boosts energy and creativity.

dining room with terracotta walls with teal accents
Terracotta and Teal

4. Blush Pink and Charcoal Gray

  • Why It Works: Blush pink offers a soft, romantic vibe, while charcoal gray adds depth and sophistication, making this combo perfect for modern, chic spaces.

  • Usage Ideas: Use blush as the base for walls and add charcoal gray through furniture and heavy drapes.

blush pink and charcoal gray bedroom
Blush Pink and Charcoal Gray

5. Pale Yellow and Slate Blue

  • Why It Works: This cheerful yet calm pairing brings light and tranquility to any room, ideal for kitchens or sunrooms.

  • Usage Ideas: Slate blue cabinets with pale yellow walls can brighten up your kitchen, creating a welcoming space.

bedroom painted in pale yellow and slate blue
Pale Yellow and Slate Blue

6. Deep Green and Gold Accents

  • Why It Works: Deep green exudes richness and depth, while gold accents add a touch of luxury and elegance, perfect for creating a lavish living room or bedroom.

  • Usage Ideas: Paint walls in deep green and accessorize with gold light fixtures, mirrors, and decorative items.

Deep Green and Gold Accents
Deep Green and Gold Accents

7. Lavender and Cream

  • Why It Works: Lavender's soothing qualities combined with cream's softness create a tranquil and airy space, great for nurseries or relaxation areas.

  • Usage Ideas: Lavender walls with cream textiles and furniture pieces craft a peaceful retreat.

Lavender and Cream
Lavender and Cream

8. Cobalt Blue and Mustard Yellow

  • Why It Works: This vibrant pairing is sure to make a statement, with the cobalt blue offering a striking backdrop against pops of mustard yellow.

  • Usage Ideas: Use cobalt for a feature wall and incorporate mustard accents through rugs, cushions, or art.

Cobalt Blue and Mustard Yellow
Cobalt Blue and Mustard Yellow

9. Warm Beige and Rich Chocolate

  • Why It Works: Embrace a cozy, comforting ambiance with warm beige walls that provide a neutral backdrop for rich chocolate furniture or wood accents.

  • Usage Ideas: Perfect for creating a cozy den or library, this combo encourages relaxation.

Warm Beige and Rich Chocolate
Warm Beige and Rich Chocolate

10. Coral and Dusty Blue

  • Why It Works: Coral brings a lively burst of energy, while dusty blue adds a calming presence, making this combination ideal for energetic yet balanced spaces.

  • Usage Ideas: Coral walls with dusty blue upholstery or curtains can energize a living space or bedroom.

Coral and Dusty Blue
Coral and Dusty Blue

These color combinations offer a fresh perspective on interior design, blending comfort with style. MGM Color Solutions is here to help you navigate these trends, ensuring your home not only reflects the latest in design but also embodies your personal taste and comfort. Ready to transform your space with these captivating hues? Let's paint your world with the colors of 2024.

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